MARY: A Journal of New Writing is a student run online arts journal sponsored by Saint Mary’s College of California’s MFA in Creative Writing program. Since 2002, MARY has published contemporary poetry and prose from a diverse group of talented emerging writers and established artists, including: D.A. Powell, Peter Orner, Gillian Conoley, Bruce Smith, Elizabeth Robinson, Rebecca Curtis, Carol Snow, K. Silem Mohammad, Matthew Zapruder, and Dorathea Lasky. MARY  has also published interviews with award-winning writers such as Michael Palmer, Nick Flynn, Susan Steinberg, Michael Pollan, John D’Agata, Jo Ann Beard, Mary Roach, Forrest Gander, and Kent Johnson.   


Every year, MARY: A Journal Of New Writing comes out with a creative new issue that includes Creative Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, Reviews, and Interviews. The 2018 issue of MARY presents various styles of writing and content from a diverse group of writers.

Please enjoy the Winter 2018 issue of MARY: A Journal Of New Writing, brought to you by the Saint Mary’s College of California MFA Program, the MARY staff, and the wonderful writers who contributed to the journal.  



Emily Alexander is a writer and editor from Idaho. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Hobart Pulp, Crab Creek Review, and Puerto del Sol.

Nonfiction Editor

Gillian Reimann is a Bay Area native and graduate of Pacific University's Creative Writing undergraduate program and currently a second year at Saint Mary's MFA program. An avid reader of all things, from fantasy and sci-fi to memoirs and lyric essays, she's worked as a junior editor for Pacific University’s Silk Road Literary Review and PLUM and was the assistant nonfiction editor for MARY last year. Dedicated to improving not just her own craft but that of other writers across the genres, she's excited to see where her journey in writing will take her next.

Deputy Editor

Kayla Neer is a tall artist that writes short poems to compensate. They are published in Transfer magazine and are working to get to the point where lines from their work are tattooed out of context. They currently work as an editor of Foglifter Journal and a deputy editor and genre fiction editor for MARY.

Assistant Poetry Editors

Julie Mackay

Stella Santamaria is a Latina Poet that lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She thinks poetry is a forum where the world can be changed one space or letter at a time. Her poetry has been published in the The Brooklyn Review, The Bohemian, Pennsylvania English, Cathexis Northwest Press, indie book In Between Spaces-Miami and forthcoming in Juked. Stella attended the Hedgebrook Writing Workshop and the Zelda Glazer Writing Institute. Santamaría performed spoken word in the Lab in San Francisco (2018) and in New York City (2009) for the Ultimate Latina Festival at the Nuyorican Poets Café. She was interviewed for the CNN documentary (2009) Latinos in America.

Katie Schwarz received her BA from the University of California at Berkeley and her LLM at the University of Glasgow. She’s worked as a paralegal, a journalist, a guitar teacher, and a bookseller. Throughout it all, she’s been writing: on illness, on politics, on ​
feminism; and perfecting her bop-it game.​​

Andrew Mercer is too big for indoor use. He enjoys connection and learning through food and words, walking his anxious and blind shepherd, and spending time with his incredibly talented partner.

Victoria Quistgaard received her BA in creative writing, with a minor in psychology, from California State University, East Bay. She originally hails from Akron, Ohio and has been complaining about the traffic in the California Bay Area since 2012.

Sarah Benjamin

Mandie Caroll

Sage Giordano

Elli Levin

Clayne Zollinger, III


Hunter Price is an Idaho born, Chicago based theatre maker, visual artist, and climbing instructor. His work focuses on repurposing and rendering strange seemingly inaccessible images by way of collage. When he’s not collaging (or hunting for source material thanks to Chicago’s rich thrift store scene), you can find him making plays with The Neighborhood Theatre or climbing at First Ascent gym. For more, visit @the_price_of_making on Instagram.

Fiction Editor

Will Preston is a teacher in Oakland and a student in the MFA Creative Writing Program with a concentration in fiction at St. Mary's College.


Rebecca Samuelson​ was born in Hayward, California and still resides there today. She received her BA in English Creative Writing from San Francisco State University and is the first in her family to graduate from university. Her work has been published in Transfer Magazine.